Internal Audit

An internal audit is a key part of an organisation’s corporate governance process.

It ensures that internal controls, risk management and governance are being effectively managed and that compliance obligations are being met.

Russell Bedford Dubai’s specialist team of internal auditors provides a high quality, responsive service, gaining a full understanding of a client’s business at the start of the process. The aim is to look beyond purely financial risks and to consider the wider issues affecting the organisation’s business processes and procedures.

Working closely with clients’ management teams, we provide independent assurance that key business risks are being appropriately managed and that the internal controls framework is working effectively.

We are experienced in carrying out internal audits of DFSA and FSRA regulated entities and will ensure that a client’s policies and procedures comply with the rules stipulated in the DFSA and FSRA regulatory rulebooks.

Conducting discussions with senior management, analysing risk strategies and reviewing the policies and procedures manuals are just some of the tasks we carry out. These enable us to report on the effectiveness of the control environment as well as the entity’s compliance with the requirements stipulated by the DFSA and FSRA regulatory rulebooks.

We will then make recommendations as to efficiencies that can be made, including improvements to internal controls to ensure that our professional services add value for the client.

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